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2nd Annual MD EGL/Cosplay Meetup!

I would like to have another EGL/cosplay meetup sometime late this summer or early this fall, when the weather is nice. I would like to organize it, and I am actually considering having a proper tea this time; however, I am interested in hearing others' ideas, and would I like input on it. I would like to start planning now, so that I have ample time to gather interested individuals, rearragements, and the like.

Unfortunately, this will be once again held in Central Maryland, and I do apologize to our sisters in VA, DE, and PA who may be unable to make it. This event will most likely be held in either:

-Ellicott City
-Washington D.C.

All of which are likely possibilities. I'm looking into tea rooms, halls, as well as Asian and other ethnic restaurants. If anyone has ANY suggestions, please contact me using the information at the bottom of this post! I would love to see all of you lovely lolis again, and I want to try and make this even better and better for all of us (no more frigid outdoor temperatures)!

At the moment, please try and keep this within this community and amongst ourselves. If we get something decided, then I'd like to start PRing around, but please either leave a comment or IM me on AIM. Let's make this an annual thing, Lolis!

LJ USER: cutiechan
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